Stimulating Progress towards Improved Rural Electrification in Solomon Islands.

About Us

SPIRES is a project funded under UNDP, SIG AND GEF organization. It is focused on stimulating progress towards improved rural electrification in the Solomons.

Solomon Islands is working with the world in trying to reduce the effects of GHG and this is where SPIRES is trying to introduce renewable energy source to rural communities of Solomon Islands. 

Our Goal

One of the main goals for the SPIRES Project is to reduce GHG emissions in rural areas and replace them with more renewable energy source such as solar energy and hydro power. 

Our Objective

Our objective is the facilitation of the achievement of increased access to electricity in rural communities in the country. It is focused on the enhanced application of low carbon technologies, techniques and practices to support Solomon Islands’ rural electrification program, particularly in achieving the set target of 35% electricity access in rural areas in line with the following major strategies:

(a) Review, improvement, approval and enforcement of appropriate policy, planning and regulatory frameworks that will support enhanced and accelerated electrification of the off-grid areas in the country;
(b) Development and enforcement of suitable institutional and financial mechanisms in the integrated planning and implementation of rural electrification in the country;
(c) Development and implementation of cost-effective demonstrations of various schemes for rural electrification in the off-grid areas involving the private sector, CSOs, NGOs and local communities; and,
(d) Design and conduct of information, communication and education activities to improve levels of awareness and knowledge of the government, private sector and citizenry on climate resilient and low carbon development of off-grid areas.

This will be achieved through the implementation of the corresponding four components:
(1) RE and Rural Electrification Policies, Regulations and Planning Improvements;
(2) Promotion of RE and Rural Electrification Initiatives;
(3) RE Technology Applications for Supporting Rural Socio-Economic Development; and
(4) RE & EE Capacity Building.
The total cost of the project is USD 19,165,257. This is financed through a GEF grant of USD 2,639,726, and total co-financing of USD 16,525,531 from MMERE, MECDM, MFMR, MHMS, MCILI and UNDP.

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